Thank you for joining the Women’s 5 month Self Discovery Yoga Immersion!

This yoga immersion will take you on a journey of personal transformation as you study the many facets and gifts of yoga. I’m thrilled you chose to dive in, to go deep into yoga studies way beyond the yoga class setting, develop your own personal practice, and connect with the other students in your training. I am so excited to be your guide and friend on this path. XOXO~ Lily

I hope this space with be a safe haven for you to learn and comfortably share your journey with me and your fellow students.

What to expect:

An atmosphere of curiosity, compassion, and caring. A yoga immersion course carefully planned to make the most of your time and convey the concepts and content of the proposed topics with knowledge and love. An interactive, online home base where you are welcome to be yourself, ask questions, share your personal journey, and to learn from your inner guide as well as the other people along this path.

What is expected of you:

To be ready to drop into each learning moment fully and with an open heart and mind. To commit to the daily Sadhana (sacred practice) assigned for each of the modules, and to write a reflection after each. To complete all assignments by their due dates. To offer your compassion, support, and love and to receive these as well from your teacher and other students in this training. To communicate in a timely manner regarding any concerns, questions, payments, or late assignments.

Before beginning, please find a copy (rent/borrow/buy) of The Path of the Yoga Sutras, by Nikolai Bachman, and The Baghavad Gita, translated by Ecknath Easwaren. Please join our private Facebook group: Women’s Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion 2019.

Optionally, I recommend keeping a journal for your own physical documentation of your progress physically, mentally, and emotionally. You could choose to hand write your assignments first into your journal, and then copy the responses into posts on the Facebook group.

Each Module will be unlocked on the first day of the module’s period, and will be available indefinitely afterwards.

September 1-15th


September 15th-30th


October 1st-15th


October 16th - 31st


November 1st - 15th


November 16th - 30th


December 1st- 15th


December 16th - 31st


January 1st - 15th


January 16th-31st

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