Lily Russo has been practicing yoga most of her life. It has been a tool of transformation, health, and empowerment since her teen years. Her initial practice of yoga asana lead her to study all the other facets including pranayama, meditation, and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, as well as other influential disciplines, primarily Buddhism, the Tao, and plant medicines. Through these studies she has come to an understanding that all systems of life are intricately interconnected, and practices which lead us to recognize our relations to our higher selves and to all other beings as well as the natural world create a life of harmony.  As a teacher Lily’s goal is to impart her love of these practices on her students, so that they may use them as tools towards achieving mental calm and clarity, as well as physical strength and grace.

Lily attended the Shambava School of Hatha Yoga in 2008 for her initial training, and in 2015 completed a Prana Vinyasa training led by Monica Mesa, developed by visionary Yogini Shiva Rea. Over the years she has participated in over 700 hours of teacher trainings.  She crafts unique classes based on the needs and abilities of her students, the time of day and year, and her intuition around what is energetically calling for attention in the moment.

Her other work as an independent artist allows her to channel her life force energy built through these practices into colorful works of creation. She is open to all mediums, especially painting, mosaics, and textiles. With her husband, she leads Fire Walks, another transformational tool of self empowerment.

Weekly Schedule


Mondays 5:45-7PM, Prana Vinyasa All Levels at The River Studio, 121 W Grand Ave., Mancos, CO


Wednesdays 5:45-7PM, Strength and Grace Prana Vinyasa All Levels

at Yogadurango, 1485 Florida Road Suite C-201 (upstairs and to the right of Star Liquors)



Contact to set up private lessons.

Are you ready to Deepen your yoga and meditation practice?

Are you ready to dive into yoga studies beyond the typical yoga class setting? Are you ready to change your thoughts and habits, and embody yourself in a whole new way? Yoga is a powerful practice with ancient roots and centuries of wisdom behind it. It is also a modern practice that has been evolving over the years, offering the most useful tools for us in the 21st century and right where we find ourselves. Yoga is so much more than an exercise class. It's a way of living, seeing, breathing, and moving that opens up your world in mysterious ways. This immersion offers you the chance to learn the many tools that yoga offers, to open up doorways to health, harmony, and peace in your body and soul that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

namaste meditation

Join the Women’s 5 month Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion for an interactive experience to study and live the yogic lifestyle in a more meaningful way, through commitment to yourself and the other women in your group.

Through online videos and audio recordings, a 170+ page manual, reading, written, and practice assignments, live video calls twice monthly, optional private coaching calls, and accountability through a Facebook Group, you will create a daily, at-home yoga, meditation, and self-care routine based on your unique constitution.

The Women’s 5 Month Self-Discovery Immersion begins September 1st and ends on January 31st.

yoga lizard lunge at home

Course Topics:

  • Asana- Developing a personal daily routine

  • Principles of Alignment

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Introduction to Ayurveda, Koshas, and Chakras

  • Pranayama

  • Yoga Sutras and Baghavad Gita studies

  • Chanting and Mantra


Your Guide:Lily Russo

I have been practicing yoga most of my life. It has been a tool of transformation, health, and empowerment since my teen years. My initial love of yoga asana lead me to study all the other facets including pranayama, meditation, and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, as well as other influential disciplines, primarily Buddhism, the Tao, and plant medicines. Through these studies I have come to understand that all systems of life is intricately interconnected, and practices which lead us to deepen our relationship with ourselves and the natural world create a life of harmony.  As a teacher my goal is to impart my love of these practices on my students, so that they may use them as tools towards achieving mental calm and clarity, as well as physical strength and grace. Find out more about me here!


Lakshmi Membership: $125 per month for 5 months. Save $100 by making a single payment of $525 by August 25th.

Saraswati Membership: $200 per month for 5 months. Save $160 by making a single payment of $840 by August 25th.

Self Directed Path: One time $200 investment

Lakshmi Membership Access:

  • Over 70 videos and audio recordings

  • Online 10 module 5 month course designed to make the most of your time and effort

  • A 170+ page manual PDF

  • 2 monthly live calls

  • Online group philosophy discussions on the Path of the Yoga Sutras, and the Bhagavad Gita

  • Regular feedback on your progress via your shared photos and videos, through the interactive, exclusive Facebook Group page from me and the other participants

  • Direct guidance from a passionate, loving teacher with over 10 years teaching experience and thousands of classes taught

  • A caring, committed, new group of friends to encourage you and hold you accountable to the path of a yoga lifestyle

Saraswati Membership Access:

All of the above, PLUS 2 personal monthly coaching calls with Lily to discuss your goals and challenges and offer guidance to help you stay on track, AND a printed copy of the Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion Manual mailed to you.

Self-directed Path:

Not ready to commit to the live calls, Facebook group interactions, and homework assignments? You can simply purchase the course content and follow along at your own pace with no obligations.

  • Over 70 video and audio recordings

  • Online 10 module course designed to make the most of your time and effort

  • A 170+ page manual PDF

Your Commitment:

To get the most out of this immersion, plan to devote at least 15-45 minutes each day to personal practice, and about 2-3 hours each week to watching/listening/practicing/reading the online content, reading the books, and responding to assignments via the private Facebook Group.

Want to check it all out before you commit? Click the button below for full access to the first module.

Testimonials from former yoga immersion participants:

"Wow what an experience. I started Lily's immersion class looking for a physical change and I left with a complete new spiritual awareness. I highly recommend Lily's immersion course for anyone looking to find peace, start a home practice or learn more about the world of yoga. Lily takes this "yoga" course far beyond the western practice of yoga and instills  knowledge of ancient yoga spirituality and teachings into every class. Lily puts her all into this course and guides each student to the dedicated practice of yoga. Lily is a compassionate, knowledgeable teacher who is well versed in all the paths and limbs of yoga.” - Donitza Ivanovich

"Lily's enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge was very inspiring throughout the Immersion. Lily challenged us out of your comfort zone with great compassion and flexibility. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this Immersion for anyone considering learning more about yoga and wishing to deepen in their own practice. It is a great pre-teacher training course." - Cindy Meyer

"This immersion provided a warm and accepting space to learn and develop a personal practice. Lily and her guest teachers had so much knowledge to share and were very willing to answer questions and listen whenever needed. I highly recommend this immersion if you are looking to further develop an existing practice, or are trying to figure out how you can better incorporate the practices of yoga into your everyday life." - Heather Perry

"Lily's Yoga Immersion was a beautiful light in a very dark winter for me. Her joyful guidance on the journey within will help my light shine brighter in my practice and in my life." - Lee-Ann Hill

"I'm really enjoying Lily's yoga immersion course. She's a great teacher and it's a comprehensive course that feeds the body, mind, and soul. Great for anyone, at any level." - Gail Mallin

"Lily’s Yoga Immersion has propelled my hatha yoga practice to new heights! My daily Sadhana has become fuller and deeper with developing intention, more variety, and greater focus. Lily introduces yoga studies beyond creating your own asana practice including pranayama, chanting and mantras, meditation, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, applied anatomy, the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. I would recommend this 100 hour self-discovery to beginning students ready to dive in or more experienced practitioners who want to take their practice to the next level." - Colette Cummings

"I got exactly what I wanted out of this immersion. I now have a well rounded foundation for morning Sadhana and embracing an all around yogic mentality within my life. It was also very enjoyable and fun while still maintaining a serious learning environment." - Kai Ceballo

"In search of deepening my yoga practice I found this 100 Hour Yoga Immersion. I don't think I could have asked for a better more understanding yoga teacher. Lily is very accommodating to your needs and understands that everyone has room to grow and pushes you into trusting yourself and deepening your practice. The variety of content gives such a great overview and introduction to yoga." - Lizzie Zoll

Sample Videos from the course:


Q: I am not very good at yoga or I am a total beginner, will this be right for me?

A: Yes! Yoga is not about how flexible or in shape you are. This course will guide you to start or develop a yoga practice at home, giving you a wide variety of practices to choose from to cultivate the kind of practice that is unique and just right for you, wherever you are.

Q: When will the live calls be?

A: The very first live call is Sunday September 1st at 10AM MST. After that, once every one is enrolled who will be enrolling, I will survey the group for best call times and do my best to find times that work for the majority of the group. If you miss it, the call will be recorded as a video for you to watch whenever you can.

Q: What do I need to be a part of this course?

A: A desire to grow, participate, and be challenged. A working computer with internet. A smartphone or digital camera and capacity to upload photos and video of yourself to our private Facebook group. You might want to look for a tripod or selfie stand for your smartphone/camera if you don’t have one.

Rainforest Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

March 1st-8th, with Lily and Oliver, Costa Rica

Travel with us to a land teeming with life, beauty and abundance: Costa Rica. For one week in March, we will immerse ourselves in the living classroom of Finca Luna Nueva (New Moon Farm). This extraordinary getaway is also a working farm and educational center. The hosts have deep ties to the land and are leaders in regenerative agricultural practices.  They lovingly cultivate hundreds of species of fruit and vegetables, as well as more than 300 medicinal plants.  We are so excited to share this magical and sacred place with you. 

Each morning the rainforest itself will inspire your yoga, as we move through an invigorating vinyasa practice accompanied by a playlist of bird and frog songs. Around the open aired yoga pavilion the vibrant greens and supercharged air of the jungle inspire awareness and conscious breathing. In the afternoons we will practice at a slower and softer pace as we integrate the day's adventures and turn our attention to the inner realm of our true nature.

During this retreat, you will have an opportunity to:

Refresh your senses, reengage with your body, and recommit to your health.
Reconnect to nature as you spend your days in the pristine rainforest and relax in natural hot springs fed by the Volcano Arenal.
Develop personal practices that nourish your spirit and reunite you with your own radiance.


ALL levels of yoga experience welcome!  

We are so excited to share this incredible week with you. Together we will practice yoga, pranayama, and meditation each day, dine on delicious organic meals, soak in the lodge's chlorine-free pool and solar powered hot tub. Together, we’ll go on several adventures: a tour of the farm, soaking in the volcanic fed hotsprings, and learning how chocolate is made. You can choose additional adventures or spa treatments, or just unwind by the pool with that book you've been wanting to read.


“This retreat was one of the finest experiences of my life. The teaching was on another level and the environment couldn’t be matched. For me the trip was one of the most memorable I've ever had and you & Oliver were major contributors to the experience. You taught me a lot just from watching the relationship each of you had with your own bodies. That may sound strange but there's no other way to express it. I saw gentleness, respect, awareness. You've opened up a door for me because it's motivated me to continue on with the journey. I plan to get more focused on my yoga and I look forward to whatever changes that will bring, going forward.” ~ Sherry Hooper

“From the setting to the yoga practice, the people involved, it became a week that enlightened my life and my outlook.” ~ Devon Wayne

“Such a great week of fun and relaxation. Plenty of time for self-guided exploration in addition to group outings. Lily and Oliver are amazing and inspirational.” ~ Deidre Newborough

“The experience I had with Lily and Oliver was incredible. I learned so much about yoga, meditation, and self-awareness. The experience was invaluable.” ~ Jaclyn Kotula

"This yoga retreat was one of the most regenerative yoga retreats I have been to in 40 years.” ~ Larry Conrads

“The yoga and mindfulness retreat was awesome. The staff here is so warm and knowledgeable about the importance of biodiversity. Finca Luna Nueva had many educational and experiential tours, including chocolate making from start to finish. The yoga was nourishing and strengthening. Oliver’s meditations are life-changing.” ~ Susan Russo

“Lily and Oliver offer a great and safe container of spiritually based yoga. The final meditation moved my body and soul, very emotional with a full release.” ~ Fred Boshardt

“The retreat was an experience that will stay with me forever. It allowed me to grow, to learn and to be nourished.” ~ Lisa Sneed 

About Lily and Oliver We relish the freedom we have found through the daily practice of yoga and meditation.  For us yoga is about cultivating harmony in your mind, breath, and body, taking the practice from your mat into your everyday life. It's about letting go of negative thought patterns, and unveiling your own highest potential. Read more about Lily here and Oliver here.


DON'T WAIT!  The time to take care of YOU is NOW! Reserve your spot as soon as possible,

Your vacation retreat includes:
• 1st and last’s nights’ lodging in San José

• 5 nights’ accommodations at Finca Luna Nueva

• Morning invigorating vinyasa yoga

• Afternoon sessions of gentle yoga, pranayama, and meditation

• 3 meals a day —delicious, organic and locally grown when available (special diets can be accommodated, please email to let us know)

• Visit to a volcano-fed hot springs

• Organic Farm Tour

• A beautiful chlorine-free swimming pool and solar powered jacuzzi

• Transportation to and from San Jose to Finca Luna Nueva

• FREE time!

In addition you may customize your schedule with these add-ons: 
Photography session with Oliver • Private Yoga session with Lily• spa treatments •birdwatching • paddleboarding on Lake Arenal • chocolate making tour • horseback riding • ziplining •hanging bridges • hike to waterfall • hikes in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest • and more!

What’s not included? Airfare to San Jose, Costa Rica, first night’s dinner (most flights arrive late), taxi to first nights’ lodging and return to airport, custom add-ons, and staff gratuities are not included.

Cost: $1650-$1850 per person.

Visit Awakened Heart Retreats for accommodation options, prices, FAQS, and to reserve your spot!


"Lily's classes are beautifully designed to nurture and transform the whole being. They can be physically challenging but also balanced, playful and inspiring. Lily is humble, open and heart felt in everything she does. She really cares about her students and welcomes everyone of any ability to share in her passion of yoga. Her classes have helped me to embody my life in a more authentic and meaningful way and I'm so grateful! "


"As international teachers and travelers, we can’t keep track of the people who skitter in and out of our lives. Some encounters are short, entertaining and casual, such as a chat with tourists who heave their oversized backpacks in the corner of the fruit shake shop and share their travel stories. Other encounters have an enduring impact. In this post, I introduce you to Lily Russo, a yoga teacher who visited Vientiane recently and changed my life.

When we returned to Laos after our month-long winter break, I received an email from the Vientiane Yoga Studio saying there would be a guest teacher for the next couple weeks. After just one class with Lily, Tony and I both developed a big crush.

Colorful feminine tattoos devoid of dark outlines embellished her arms – rainbow finches, symbolizing her parents and her brother, on one arm, and elegant blooming flowers on the other. Her soothing voice offered specific instructions to attain proper alignment in the asanas while making each person in the class feel like we were doing everything just exactly right. Her vinyasa-flow-style classes challenged us to find our edge, to focus on the breath, to revel in our strength and flexibility. Energizing music, often lyrical takes on traditional mantras, accompanied her practice. Emerging from shavasana at the end of each class, I always felt happier and more relaxed than I did at the start.

For three weeks, I didn’t miss a class with Lily. I also caught myself chanting softly and practicing pranayama (breathing exercises) at school. I felt joyful and light, even when faced with life’s daily frustrations. Patience, not usually an attribute assigned to me, suddenly came quite easily.
A week after Lily’s departure, I still feel the inner peace she brought to our hectic little city. My history of on-again off-again yoga obsession suggests I’m unlikely to maintain that gentle connection. But I hope I can."

Monica Mesa Dasi


Lily Russo is one of the most integrated yoginis I have ever met! She walks the talk in every way, has a beautiful and embodied practice, and is a gifted teacher. Her dedication to the path of yoga and conscious living has impressed me and is an inspiration for anyone she crosses paths with.

Private yoga with Lily is hands down the best yoga experience I’ve ever had. Every single class is unique and specifically designed to help you to build strength of both body and mind. Her loving spirit and beautiful soul combined with a lovely soothing voice is something I look forward to weekly. Thank you Lily for teaching me yoga!!



Email lilyrusso@gmail.com, visit my Facebook Page, connect with me on Instagram, or use the Contact Form below.

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