Welcome to Module 1!


Hello ladies! YES, we’re starting!! I’m so excited for you to be beginning this yoga journey. Please take your time with each of the links below. Some include videos, please watch and practice along. Remember that the homework assignments listed at the bottom of each module are designed for your maximum benefit, so please enjoy the process! XOXO ~Lily

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Robin’s Breath

Robin’s breath is one wonderful movement meditation to start your practice.

Robin’s breath is balancing, it opens heart and shoulders,  and cultivates love and gratitude while also drawing energy inwards. Inhale to begin with hands at prayer. Exhale to round the spine and extend your hands forward. Inhale to open arms to sides  while extending the spine, visualizing the love and energy of your heart space between your arms. Exhale to press your arms forward, offering the love an energy from your heart to the beings you love, or all sentient being. Inhale as you draw your hands back to heart center, imagining pulling some of that positive energy back in for yourself. Repeat.


  1. Begin your daily Sadhana (sacred practice) with an Opening Meditation including at least one movement meditation, an intention, and some dynamic movements combining postures from the Foundational Asanas video or section of your manual.

  2. After reading A Brief History of Yoga, choose one of the key figures mentioned to research and learn more about.

  3. The Yamas are 5 ethical codes from Patanjali and the wisdom of yoga. In your book, The Path of the Yoga Sutras: Please read pgs 135-168. Self-reflect on how you embody each of the yamas. At first glance they appear simple and natural to uphold, but can you search inside yourself for any areas of your life where you could more fully embody these principles? Consider each yama in how you already practice it, and where you could make progress?