Welcome to Module 2:


For your daily sadhana, please practice:

 ~an opening meditation (remember this can simply be a few breaths of a movement meditation and intention setting),

 ~a warm up (on some days try one of the 2 namaskars we have learned so far, and on other days continue to experiment with poses in the Foundational Asanas section and play with variations and pulsations), 

~add some of the core work exercises

 ~followed by any intuitive counterposes to integrate your sequence

~and a closing segment (shavasana, observation meditation, and/or Nadi Shodhana)

 On the Facebook Group, please share a video or photos of yourself practicing at least 3 core work exercises. In the caption, please reflect on how your sadhana is going for you so far and any questions you have about it.

Choose at least 3 of the Dinacharya options presented in the live call to add to your morning wake up routine. Post in the Facebook group about what you chose and how it goes for you and any questions.

Please read pages 165-239 in the Path of the Yoga Sutras. In your reflection (on our Facebook group) please reflect on each of the 5 niyamas and how you already practice each and how you could benefit by bringing more awareness. Reply in a comment to at least 1 other woman to further the discussion.