Welcome to Module 2:

Namaste! Hope you enjoyed the first module and getting started with a daily yoga routine. In this module we will start to build on the foundation, creating more namaskars from the foundational asanas, and adding core work. Following the physical dimension is the mental, which these introductory pranayamas guide you to observe with more sensitivity and curiosity. Your next assigned reading is a good one- it explores the Niyamas, 5 important principles of a yogic lifestyle that really begin to deepen your sense of self. I put a LOT of content in this module, try to practice with 1 video each day after beginning this module, and then spend the rest of the time practicing these on your own!


For your daily sadhana, please practice:

 ~an opening meditation (remember this can simply be a few breaths of a movement meditation and intention setting),

 ~a warm up (on some days try one of the 2 namaskars we have learned so far, and on other days continue to experiment with poses in the Foundational Asanas section and play with variations and pulsations), 

~then add some of the core work exercises

 ~followed by any intuitive counterposes to integrate your sequence (counterposes will be discussed more in the next module!)

~and a closing segment (shavasana and/or Nadi Shodhana)

Please read pages 165-239 in the Path of the Yoga Sutras. Reflect on each via the following questions, ideally writing your reflections in your journal:

Saucha: Saucha is a personal practice of cleanliness and purity. Please reflect on how this is important to you, and what practices you have of saucha in your home, your body, and your mind.

Santosha: Santosha is the practice of gratitude and contentment. Describe one or more ways that you cultivate gratitude in your life.

Tapas: Tapas is the inner fire of dedication and discipline to a practice that creates transformation in your life. It is what we most need to stay committed to a yoga practice! Please reflect on the ways you practice and observe tapas in your life.

Svadhyaya: Self-study, or self-discovery, through self observation and study of sacred texts. We are doing a lot of this through this immersion. Please sit quietly and reflect on at least one quality you appreciate about yourself, and an area where you would like to create positive change, and reflect on what comes up.

Ishvara Pranidhana is surrender or faith in a higher power that helps us detach from the grip of ego. Please reflect on what "surrender" and a "higher power" mean to you.