Lily’s Yoga Immersion was life changing! Not only has my physical yoga practice improved immensely, but this immersion has changed the way I see other people and the world. Each session was packed with deep meditation, philosophical conversations, lots of asana, plus a wide array of other related workshops focusing on Ayurveda, Chakras, and Kirtan music to name a few! I have grown so much since I started this journey in January, and I know the practices, ideas, and relationships will live on in me, far beyond the 5 month experience.”
— Lauren Price

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  • A Brief History of Yoga, (text and assignment)

  • Intro to the 8 Limbed Path of the Yoga Sutras

  • Yamas reading assignment and discussion from The Path of the Yoga Sutras

  • Overview of How to Sequence your Home Practice (text and video)

  • Opening Meditation and Movement Meditations (text and video)

  • Robin's Breath Pranayama (text and video)

  • Foundational Asanas and Intro to Warm Up (text and video)

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The Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion was everything I had hoped for. During the immersion I learned a lot about myself. I discovered unhealed parts of myself, patterns in my behavior, self-limitations, fears & resistances. I also discovered great strengths within myself. These strengths have helped me learn how to get to the other side of fear & how to heal in order to reach for my highest potential. I have gained a much higher confidence in all aspects of my life & become more comfortable going outside of my comfort zone. I have discovered that perhaps what I fear the most is my own potential in whatever endeavors I may choose to pursue. I have also found a deeper spirituality than has ever resonated with me before. I have developed deeper compassion & understanding which has allowed me more peace & acceptance. The most transformative part of the immersion has been the regular commitment to myself. I have learned that this self-care allows me to serve others & present myself in a much more meaningful way. Allowing myself space to sit with & face myself whole-heartedly has given me a whole new outlook on how I want to choose my experiences each day. Meditation has been an exceptional tool to find ease & acceptance during self-growth. The physical practice of yoga has helped me to stay grounded & focused on living from the heart & remaining open. Yoga has helped me maintain contentedness & joy. My moods and energy levels have become more balanced. Although the immersion has ended I know that this is really just the beginning of a lifelong journey.”
— Amelia Hanna