Frequently Asked Questions


All US, EU, and UK passport holders are automatically able to enter Costa Rica for 90 days, there is nothing special you have to do. Make sure your passport will not expire within 6 months of your entry day from Costa Rica. If you hold a passport from another country, please investigate what is required for your entry into Costa Rica.


Costa Rica has one of the most stable and ideal climates in the world. From December to May is considered the dry season, and the temperatures are usually a high of 75-85 degrees. Rain is always possible and you may want to bring a light rain jacket. Mostly pack light, comfortable clothing, some stretchy yoga wear, and good walking shoes. And don’t forget a swimsuit!


Colones is the official currency of Costa Rica, but US dollars are widely accepted.

Items and activities purchased at Finca Luna Nueva can be charged to your room and paid with a credit card at the end of your stay. The amount of local currency that you need depends on how much you intend to spend on extra purchases outside of the property. If you are using your credit cards when you travel, please advise your bank that you will be making charges internationally.

For Americans, it is not necessary to convert any money to local currency (colones) as all businesses happily accept U.S. dollars (however, expect your change to be in colones).

In fact, we suggest that you do NOT change any money and bring several smaller bills so you do not receive any change. The current rate of exchange fluctuates around 600 colones for every 1 US dollar.

Laundry Service?

Finca Luna Nueva offers laundry service should you desire during your stay. Price is per item.

Will I be able ot keep up with the Yoga?

All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Classes will vary from gentle and slow, to seated meditations, to an invigorating flow. Various options are presented to suit all levels, and you are always welcome to rest or do whatever your body is asking for. If you don’t feel like coming to the yoga class one day, don’t! You are always welcome to choose what do to during your vacation retreat.


You do not need any special vaccines to visit Costa Rica.

Can you ACCOMMODATE special diets?

Finca Luna Nueva offers a large variety of delicious food at each meal, buffet style, so you can choose what you’d like to eat. There are many vegan and vegetarian options, as well as meat and dairy options, at each meal. The food is prepared lovingly and they use local and organic products as much as possible. Many of the dishes are gluten-free.