I have a message for you about the Upcoming Women’s Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion!!

As I mention in the video, if you are not ready for the big commitment of posting assignments and photos and interacting with the group, the Self-Directed course might be just perfect for you! This self-paced course costs just $200 and is packed with TONS of content (video, audio, text, images, AND a 170 + page manual) to help you dive deeper into your yoga and meditation practice. It begins on September 1st, but rather than you needing to complete assignments on time and share with the group, in this course you get to follow along at your own pace and write reflections only for yourself, if and when you want to!

So again I ask you,

Are you ready to dive into yoga studies beyond the typical yoga class setting?

Are you ready to change your thoughts and habits, and embody yourself in a whole new way?

I invite you to join my Women’s Online 5 Month Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion for an interactive experience to study and live the yogic lifestyle in a more meaningful way.

Yoga is a powerful practice with ancient roots and centuries of wisdom behind it. It is also a modern practice that has been evolving over the years, offering the most useful tools for us in the 21st century and right where we find ourselves. Yoga is so much more than an exercise class. It's a way of living, seeing, breathing, and moving that opens up your world in mysterious ways. This immersion offers you the chance to learn the many tools that yoga offers, to open up doorways to health, harmony, and peace in your body and soul that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Through online videos and audio recordings, a 170+ page manual, reading, written, and practice assignments, (and for those in the Lakshmi or Saraswati group: live video calls twice monthly and accountability through a Facebook Group), you will create a daily, at-home yoga, meditation, and self-care routine based on your unique constitution.


Asana- Developing a personal daily practice

Principles of Alignment

Mindfulness and Meditation

Introduction to Ayurveda, Koshas, and Chakras


Yoga Sutras and Baghavad Gita studies

Chanting and Mantra

The Women’s Online 5 Month Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion begins September 1st and ends on January 31st, with various levels of commitment and investment.

Click here to learn more about the Women’s 5 Month Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion!

Testimonials from former immersion participants:

"Wow what an experience. I started Lily's immersion class looking for a physical change and I left with a complete new spiritual awareness. I highly recommend Lily's immersion course for anyone looking to find peace, start a home practice or learn more about the world of yoga. Lily takes this "yoga" course far beyond the western practice of yoga and instills  knowledge of ancient yoga spirituality and teachings into every class. Lily puts her all into this course and guides each student to the dedicated practice of yoga. Lily is a compassionate, knowledgeable teacher who is well versed in all the paths and limbs of yoga.” - Donitza Ivanovich

"Lily's enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge was very inspiring throughout the Immersion. Lily challenged us out of your comfort zone with great compassion and flexibility. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this Immersion for anyone considering learning more about yoga and wishing to deepen in their own practice. It is a great pre-teacher training course." - Cindy Meyer

"Lily’s Yoga Immersion has propelled my hatha yoga practice to new heights! My daily Sadhana has become fuller and deeper with developing intention, more variety, and greater focus. Lily introduces yoga studies beyond creating your own asana practice including pranayama, chanting and mantras, meditation, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, applied anatomy, the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. I would recommend this immersion to beginning students ready to dive in or more experienced practitioners who want to take their practice to the next level." - Colette Cummings

"The immersion is a chance to explore yourself, who you really want to be and your relationship to the world with the support of an open group of people.  Through readings, yoga practices and meditations, I learned tools to keep these explorations alive after the immersion is over.  Lily guides you through the philosophy of yoga in an accessible way." ~ Madelene Elfstrom

“The self discovery yoga immersion was everything I had hoped for. During the immersion I learned a lot about myself. I discovered unhealed parts of myself, patterns in my behavior, self-limitations, fears & resistances. I also discovered great strengths within myself. These strengths have helped me learn how to get to the other side of fear & how to heal in order to reach for my highest potential.  I have gained a much higher confidence in all aspects of my life & become more comfortable going outside of my comfort zone. I have discovered that perhaps what I fear the most is my own potential in whatever endeavors I may choose to pursue. I have also found a deeper spirituality than has ever resonated with me before. I have developed deeper compassion & understanding which has allowed me more peace & acceptance. The most transformative part of the immersion has been the regular commitment to myself. I have learned that this self-care allows me to serve others & present myself in a much more meaningful way. Allowing myself space to sit with & face myself whole-heartedly has given me a whole new outlook on how I want to choose my experiences each day.  Meditation has been an exceptional tool to find ease & acceptance during self-growth. The physical practice of yoga has helped me to stay grounded & focused on living from the heart & remaining open. Yoga has helped me maintain contentedness & joy. My moods and energy levels have become more balanced. Although the immersion has ended I know that this is really just the beginning of a lifelong journey. To commit to this journey I plan on creating a sacred space in my garden as well as keeping one in a spare room. I plan on attending at least one live class a week and having resources available at home to help me maintain a regular practice. I have several books lined up to continue delving deeper. The most important thing for me moving forward is to acknowledge when I am falling into old patterns or being self-limiting. To remember that when I feel the most resistance, it is the most beneficial & important time for self-commitment. To just say YES! And to accept the ebbs and flows with love but not let the ebbs become discouraging or to knock me off course. ~ Amelia Hanna

“I don't even know where to begin, but the last 5 months my life has been in complete transformation. It has been incredible, inspiring, overwhelming, intense, and everything I've worked to manifest. The man I now know I will spend my life with has been ever present for both myself and our boys. He's the kind of love I had to learn existed in the world (through lots of therapy) because I'd never experienced it. But what have I experienced and learned about myself the past 5 months? First of all, I opened up my heart and I felt things. I let myself sit in the uncomfortable without an end goal in mind. The old me would have ran. It would have not reached out for help. It would have quit. I started sitting with the uncomfortable and dealing with it. I've opened my heart the elephant in the room so to speak, and invited her to stay for coffee. And I'm not beating myself up about the fact that she exists and I'm working on it. I loved the yoga sutras book. I am re-working through it and doing the questions. There were things in that book, especially the practice of wishing abundance on those who have hurt us (my mom) and it opened up an awareness I have never had before. I also have done well with doing 15 min practices and I will continue those. Each are different and I go with how I feel, not what I have written on paper. That is HUGE for me. I wake up and scrape my tongue and take care of myself (most days) and at least intentionally do affirmations about the day ahead. I sit and meditate and then do yoga. All make me feel grounded; a place I can say I've never been consistently before in my life.” ~ Dot Clemens

"This immersion provided a warm and accepting space to learn and develop a personal practice. Lily and her guest teachers had so much knowledge to share and were very willing to answer questions and listen whenever needed. I highly recommend this immersion if you are looking to further develop an existing practice, or are trying to figure out how you can better incorporate the practices of yoga into your everyday life." - Heather Perry

"Lily's Yoga Immersion was a beautiful light in a very dark winter for me. Her joyful guidance on the journey within will help my light shine brighter in my practice and in my life." - Lee-Ann Hill

"I'm really enjoying Lily's yoga immersion course. She's a great teacher and it's a comprehensive course that feeds the body, mind, and soul. Great for anyone, at any level." - Gail Mallin

"I got exactly what I wanted out of this immersion. I now have a well rounded foundation for morning Sadhana and embracing an all around yogic mentality within my life. It was also very enjoyable and fun while still maintaining a serious learning environment." - Kai Ceballo

"In search of deepening my yoga practice I found this 100 Hour Yoga Immersion. I don't think I could have asked for a better more understanding yoga teacher. Lily is very accommodating to your needs and understands that everyone has room to grow and pushes you into trusting yourself and deepening your practice. The variety of content gives such a great overview and introduction to yoga." - Lizzie Zoll