Are you ready to commit to yourself?

Are you ready to dive into yoga studies beyond the typical yoga class setting? Are you ready to change your thoughts and habits, and embody yourself in a whole new way? Yoga is a powerful practice with ancient roots and centuries of wisdom behind it. It is also a modern practice that has been evolving over the years, offering the most useful tools for us in the 21st century and right where we find ourselves. Yoga is so much more than an exercise class. It's a way of living, seeing, breathing, and moving that opens up your world in mysterious ways. This immersion offers you the chance to learn the many tools that yoga offers, to open up doorways to health, harmony, and peace in your body and soul that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Join the Women’s 5 month Self-Discovery Yoga Immersion for an interactive experience to study and live the yogic lifestyle in a more meaningful way, through commitment to yourself and the other women in your group. Through online videos, at home assignments, live group calls twice monthly, and accountability through a Facebook Group, you will create a daily, at-home yoga, meditation, and self-care routine based on your unique constitution.